Bolyn Hubby, Ph.D., brings over 15 years of industry expertise driving innovative technologies into the clinic to address unmet needs in infectious disease and oncology. Dr. Hubby joins Agenovir from Synthetic Genomics, where she was most recently vice president of vaccines and antimicrobials research and development, working with partner Novartis to transition the company’s core synthetic biology technology for influenza vaccines into clinical studies. In addition, Dr. Hubby and her team developed novel RNA vaccine and antimicrobial platforms to address the rapid spread of infectious disease and the growing global threat of antibiotic resistance. Prior to Synthetic Genomics, Dr. Hubby served as executive director of vaccines at Liquidia Technologies, Inc., where she and her team built a portfolio of programs focused on new approaches to protein, polysaccharide, and RNA-vectored vaccines targeting bacterial and viral pathogens. Before Liquidia, Dr. Hubby was head of discovery immunology at AlphaVax, Inc., where she helped advance a unique RNA-based viral vector to develop vaccines for infectious diseases, biodefense and cancer. Dr. Hubby is an author on numerous issued and pending patents as well as over 20 peer-reviewed publications. She received her Ph.D. in cellular biology from the University of Georgia.